Digital Exhibit/Vendor Booths


Exhibit booths are available for all stakeholder groups and businesses.
Complimentary and discount rates are available for sickle cell patients and caregivers.
Complimentary booths are available for partnered CBOs of the Sickle Cell Consortium

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Digital Engagement Booth hours:


8:00am- 12pm PST & 1pm- 5pm PST

November 19, 2020


8:00am- 11am PST & 12pm- 5pm PST

November 20, 2020


8:00am- 11am PST & 12pm- 5pm PST

November 21, 2020

You are also welcome to have your booth open during the Partner Pre-Con scheduled for Wednesday, November 18th, from 8 am -12 pm PST (11am – 3pm EST).

Please note: Vendors are not permitted to make medical claims regarding any product or service. We do; however, encourage you to share patient and caregiver experiences and testimonials. Vendors must also refrain from selling any product or service that is not legal in all 50 states. Please read the terms described in this form completely.

The sale of pharmaceutical products, food, alcohol, tobacco, firearms, or any illegal products are strictly forbidden. The sale of any product or service is forbidden for all minors under the age of 18. Approval and inclusion of exhibit/vendor does not imply endorsement by the Sickle Cell Community Consortium or Consortium partners. Vitamins, nutritional supplements, oils, etc. are not regulated and are not endorsed by the Sickle Cell Community Consortium. All sellers agree to the inclusion of a statement indicating lack of Consortium endorsement in the information provided at the Digital Engagement Booth.

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Dominique Goodson

Senior Project Manager
Dean of Warrior University

Digital Exhibit/Vendor Booths
Sponsor Booths
Paid Vendor Booths
Industry $5,000
Industry (sponsor) $2,500
Government/Academia $1,000
Business $500
Non-Profit Org (NPO) $350
Sickle Cell CBO $150
Minority Owned Small Business $150
Partner CBOs $0
Sickle Cell Patients/Caregivers $0
Commercial Add-On or Stand-alone
Industry, Government $1,500/day
Small Business, NPO $500/day

Program Overview & Learning Objectives


This is an educational conference planned by and for consumers with sickle cell disease to address issues that are most relevant to consumers. Some of the latest research in sickle cell disease will be discussed as well as management of the most common complications including treatment options; gene therapy, transplant, transfusion, and new therapeutic drugs available (or being researched) for sickle cell disease. Speakers will discuss issues related to stress management, financial management, transition from pediatric to adult care, caregiver respite, rights & responsibilities in the workplace, men only sessions, women-only sessions, and other interesting topics.




The primary audience is consumers with sickle cell disease, adults and children, their caregivers, and sickle cell advocates.


After completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Review the most common complications of sickle cell disease
  • Discuss stress management techniques for sickle cell disease
  • Discuss chronic transfusion and sickle cell disease
  • Understand new drug therapies for sickle cell disease!