Children’s Track


The Kid’s Track is an educational opportunity SPECIFICALLY children ages 6-14 that are either living with sickle cell or someone affected by it (sibling, family member, friend, etc.). All participants enjoy sessions focused on sickle cell, presented in a developmentally appropriate way. Attendees are expected to come all three days from 9am-1pm. Snacks are provided!


Understanding Sickle Cell:

It’s never too early to learn the biology of sickle cell. Join us as we work through affected body systems in a hands-on fashion.

Self- Care:

How do we take care of ourselves, physically and mentally? How can we, as kids, focus on staying healthy and positive when times are tough? We will be creating many takeaways to help so don’t miss out!


How do we speak up and speak out about sickle cell? What can we do when we don’t feel heard? This year we’re exploring useful tactics!

Kid’s Track- July 24-27 Sickle Cell Convention, Dallas, TX